School Information brochure

Since its foundation in 1988 Sandringham has developed a reputation for excellent educational standards combined with unique opportunities to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. 

There are 1300 girls and boys aged 11-18, with 320 in the Sixth Form, drawn from many parts of the City, although predominantly from the area immediately surrounding the school.

Our parents are extremely supportive and keen to see their children do well. We are well known for our high academic standards and excellent examination results. 

The buildings are constantly under development to ensure an environment fit for learning. Re-development has taken place in each of the last seven years, including the completion of a £1m extension to the sixth form block, a £250,000 Dance Studio, a £750,000 refurbishment of all Science laboratories, a £100,000 all-weather sports facility and a £850,000 teaching and staffroom block. The latest developments include a £2m indoor sports venue and a £3m science and maths centre. We have clear plans for future development to meet the demands of our curriculum.

The school holds both Sportsmark and Artsmark Gold awards, reflecting the quality of curriculum provision in these areas. We hold specialist status in three areas: The Arts, Sciences and Leading Edge, which provides significant additional opportunities for raising standards of learning and achievement.

As an Outstanding School we have been awarded National Teaching School status and coordinate teacher training across the area together with our partner school, Sir John Lawes in Harpenden.

We are also an Accredited Initial Teacher Trainer provider delivering high-quality training to new teachers 

Access Arrangements

The school continues to invest in modifying the campus to ensure it is accessible to people with physical disabilities. We have made significant improvements to the site in recent years and welcome applications from students with physical disabilities. Please make arrangements to visit the school for further information and guidance. 

Meeting the needs of all Students

Sandringham welcomes students of all abilities from the Gifted and Talented to those with specific learning difficulties. We use prior data from junior schools and other school based assessment to help us identify students‘ abilities and likely progress. 

We continue to develop our arrangements for the Gifted and Talented students and aim to:

  • identify able students
  • provide opportunities within and outside the curriculum to challenge and develop the abilities of those identified as able students
  • provide an appropriate curriculum for the able child
  • make staff aware of the abilities of able students and of the provisions available for their support
  • encourage students identified as able to develop their abilities and aptitudes

Students who experience difficulties with their learning are assessed on entry to the school and are then placed on our school SEN register. The Learning Support faculty organises and delivers support to those students on the Sandringham SEN register, which also includes students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs. A full policy statement on SEN is available from the school office or SENCO, Chris Bloomfield. 

Links with the Community

Sandringham has significant links with the community through arts activities, sports and many other areas of school life.

We see the school as an extension of the local community and encourage students to be involved in work outside the school. This includes weekly visits to the local church to meet the elderly for example.