‘Everybody can be Somebody’

Our equality objectives are:

  • To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through all appropriate curricular and extra-curricular opportunities. We aim to meet this objective with particular reference to issues of equality and diversity.
  • To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of quality through direct teaching across the curriculum
  • To move beyond deterministic notions of fixed ability, embrace a ‘Growth Mind-set’ and to model teaching and learning behaviours that avoid labelling
  • To promote cultural development and understanding through a range of experiences, both in and beyond the school
  • To eradicate prejudice related to bullying in relation to the protected characteristic listed in the Equality Act 2010
  • To take prejudice and promote understanding in relation to people with disabilities.

You can view our Equality Policy here The Sandringham School Single Equality Policy

If you have any queries regarding equality issues please contact the school by phone or e-mail to admin@sandringham.herts.sch.uk